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Hard to Fathom

I’m still in recovery.  I’ve come to terms that it’s highly likely that I will need to see a therapist and/or still attend meetings for the remainder of my life.

What’s different at this point is… I have forgiven all who have harmed me.  And by doing so, it’s allowed me to move on from my past.  The anger, sadness and resentment were all poisons to my soul and not allowing me to be present in the moment.

I’ve finally found a place in recovery that I can call home.  It’s been a struggle because when I moved back home, the options were rather limited.  And after having the The Healing Center for two years while living in Milwaukee, I was disappointed with what little was available to me.  For me, tough love doesn’t work.  I experienced tough love for many years of my life, particularly my childhood, that it actually drives me to want to use.   I need a more compassionate environment to thrive.

For years, I denounced the idea of NA.  I thought that their approach to God indicated that I’d be sitting in a room with a bunch of people trying to convert me.  That is so far from the truth, it’s ridiculous.  Within the NA circles, God is very personal and the members respect that.  I can only speak on my experiences with the program in the little time I have been participating, but I’m ecstatic.  I need a spiritual awakening.  And to be able to do that on my terms, with people who have been in my shoes and have that guidance is nothing short of a pure recovery decadence.

In addition to going to face-to-face meetings, I have found a wonderful online community.  The people in there are wonderful.  It’s a great alternative to face-to-face meetings although we haven’t figured out how to hug through the internet… lol.  I really do miss the hugs!

I’m on Step One.  I have 15 days clean.  I am feeling excited, scared, thankful, grateful, overwhelmed and relaxed.  Quite the mixture of emotions, but I’m hanging in there.  Just for today.

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Sometimes Society Makes Me Mad…

This whole situation with Janay Rice and her husband is disturbing.  The act itself was so saddening, but reading the comments of everyone on the internet just makes my heart break inside.  She’s a gold digger, she’s stupid, she’s dumb… this is the vast majority of what I am reading.  This lady is a victim of domestic abuse… plain and simple.  Her thinking isn’t clear right now and while everyone on the outside looking in is casting some pretty horrible judgment on a young lady that needs help… desperately.  The further abuse from society itself can only further push this young lady into an even darker place.  I believe she’s scared.  I believe she’s confused.  But I don’t believe that because she stays, that she deserves it.  HE is the one with issues… and yes, she has some, but to be judged and condemned by society in the manner that is taking place is so wrong.  I wish I could block any and everything to do with this on FB, because I’ve been drawn to the comments like a moth to the flame.  In my own best interest though, I will stop reading them.  Nothing good can come of it.



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Healthy Relationships

Today is my first day of my group at the Sexual Assault Center here in my hometown.  It’s my first chance to continue my healing journey since moving home from Milwaukee.  The theme of the group is based on healthy relationships.  I definitely can use that!

Next week, I get my toes wet with Life Skills classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It’s the intro to the year long program I signed up for.  It’s strictly for women and that’s good.  Most treatment centers and programs were concerned about my sex work and my sex trafficking issues causing triggers for male members.  My hometown has always been kind of a conservative, blue collar type of town, so I guess I’m not shocked by their referrals, but it kind of worries me given the fact that most of the counselors, psychologists and etc., don’t have much experience in this due to the fact that there isn’t much going on in this town in regards to that.  Caught me off guard at first to be thought of as being a trigger for other members, but sex has always been kind of taboo in this sleepy town of mine.  It’s part of the problem, to a certain degree.  Sometimes I feel like it’s silencing a huge problem that’s going on.  Sleepy town or not, these things happen everywhere.

Three positive things today:

1.  Had a candid talk with Dad on the phone

2.  Met with my one-on-one and she lit a fire under my butt.  Kind of scared me a bit.  Sometimes that’s a good thing.

3.  I applied for 2 jobs and have my resume all done.  4 different styles.  5 of each and on good paper, too.

4.  I have my first group at the new healing place and it’s less than an hour!!!

5.  I listed four positive things, instead of three 🙂  Five if you count this one!

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My life has been completely out of control lately and it seems that the only one who really knows this is me.  I have learned how to lie and how to keep things a secret so much more now.  It makes me sad that I’ve gotten so good at keeping those close to me out of my craziness.  Inside I am screaming help me… but no one can hear it.  I nearly broke down in tears today when I saw the proud fathers walking their small children to the bus.  I don’t know what it was, but out of nowhere I could barely breathe from trying to not feel whatever it was that I was feeling.  I’m missing out on life.  I’ve missed out on so much.  There will be a time in my life when I will regret all the time I never had with my family because I was too busy entertaining my addiction.  I’m scared inside.  I’m dying inside.  But no one knows…

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Freedom of Choice – Victim vs. Survivor

“Being a friend to yourself means believing and treating yourself in ways that are consistent with your belief that although we are victimized in life, being the victim is a free choice. We are free to choose.”

Sana Johnson-Quijada MD


Respecting the Process

It’s been a while since I blogged.  So many wonderful things have happened.
For one, I am now employed FT and kicking major booty in the performance department.
I actually have health benefits… WHOA!
I have met some wonderful new people at work that I am starting to consider friends.
I am super flippin’ thankful!
Now with all that being said, it doesn’t mean that it’s all peaches and cream.  I’m still struggling.  I’m still fighting a daily battle to love myself unconditionally.  There are times that life is not what I want, but yet what I sadly choose.  I don’t beat myself up for choices that are not good for me, but I do realize that they are indicators.  Red flags that something must be put in check, because I know what a slippery slope things can be.
I am learning to respect the process, though.  I understand, fully, that my transformation into who I was and where I want to be is going to take time.  As they say, Rome wasn’t built overnight…

All in all, though, I’m still surviving and at times… even thriving.

Keep on keeping on and don’t lose patience or understanding of the journey.  It’s not quick and easy.  It’s hard as hell.  But I respect the process and I acknowledge that I am taking steps in the right direction.  Even though I may stumble, it’s that I get the hell back up that matters.
“Illegitimi non carborundum.”

((Don’t let the bastards grind you down.))


In This Moment

My days are filled with sadness and sorrow.

I looking for unicorns, glitter and better tomorrows.

My choices are my own.

But it’s like I don’t even know myself in certain moments of time.

It’s like some other person, thing or energy overtakes me

and sings me a lullaby.

It makes me feel weak.

It makes me feel inadequate.

It makes me feel humbled.

It’s like a wild roller coaster ride that I’m in the passenger seat.

I feel like I don’t know me.

But as soon as I think I am starting to learn,

the roller coaster starts all over again.

I won’t give up.

But this shit is not easy.

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A Poem For You, Mom

Every morning I miss you so much.

It’s like I can’t accept this moment your gone.

My mother, my nemesis, my worst enemy.

We could have had more if only you’d see.

I don’t know when you stopped caring,

or if you ever did.

All I know is, your gone.

And what could have been,

will never be.



It’s like I feel this immense weight on my shoulders.  She perpetrated abuse against me in a multitude of ways.  Her death just finalized things and what I always thought we would be, never was.  She never did come around to be my mother.  She just stayed an addict.  She completely chose men and drugs over me.  I understand that she came from a horrible background and was abused herself.  But never once did she ever even try to quit or even contemplate it.


It’s so hard for me to accept the fact that our relationship was all it was.  I cry daily over her death.  The closure that I got from this was most certainly not what I ever imagined.  It hurts like hell.  It’s been 9 months but it seems like I’m grieving so much more lately.

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What Healing Looks Like To Me



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Healing and Recovery – The Ebbs and Flows

It’s a beautiful day today.

81 degrees to be exact.

Other than feeling a bit like I’m isolating, I can’t really complain.

Plan of action this week with my one on one at The Healing Center is to write three positive things I have done over the course of the day.

I’m struggling a bit with the three positive things when I wake up, but it appears that they just happen.  So that is a good sign.  I’m struggling with the lack of ability to put structure into my own life outside of treatment and groups.  I am thankful that I have them for that very reason right now.  I’ve been checking in with SROL – Smart Recovery Online on a daily or every other day basis.  I love the program, but because the treatment’s approach I am in is working so well, I don’t lean on it as much as I did in the past.  I do honor the idea that everyone’s approach to recovery and healing is personal and as varied in methods as the number of stars in the Universe.

For me, the avoiding triggers, fighting triggers, and a more structured approach is working for me.  I spent a moment entertaining the idea of revisiting some places that I loved to hang out but have been avoiding because they serve alcohol.  But while visiting SMART, it seems that many, even from the get go, are able to do these activities without any reservations or rather with a plan of action.  I feel a bit weakened by this because I see them handling it and I wonder why I feel as though I can’t.  All I know is, that right now, I will not do this because, for me, I’m not sure that is a safe option.

But it does slightly romanticize the idea of it to me.

I recognize it and am telling on myself about it because I know that this journey of recovery and healing is personal to me and I have to do what is in MY best interest.  Regardless of what others can and cannot do.  This journey is mine and I’m owning it.

Now that I have finished the Adults Molested as Children group, I do feel a lot of closure and have a better understanding of what happened.  The intense emotions are no longer there when I talk about it, but there is still a dull ache that I’m not sure will completely go away no matter how long I am alive.

I am wishing on a star and keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to be squeezed into the Adult Sexual Assault group, because now that I’ve addressed the other issues, I find that a lot of feelings are bubbling up from those that I have to keep suppressing, because I’m not in a position to rationalize it all out on my own.  So as a coping mechanism, I am just not talking or thinking about it much, so I don’t trigger myself into any substance abuse.  It’s my plan of safety right now.  Although, I’d much rather just dig in and make some sense and get some closure on it.  But c’est la vie, and what will be, will be.

I’m currently working on Day 22 of complete sobriety.  It’s not as hard as it was in the past, but I can honestly say that I never really was committed to the idea of complete sobriety.  I always leaned on “Mary Jane” aka marijuana and would justify my usage.  If it wasn’t for accountability via urinary analysis, I probably never would have even considered it, but now that I’m without it, I realize that I function fine without it.  In fact, I feel like I function much better without it.  I don’t feel as tired as I used to.  I feel more lively.

I just wanted to check in, so that when a year from now I reference back, I can see the strides and feel the tides of healing and recovery, when I may visit a place of complacency.  In addition, I wanted to make sure that I did something that was positive and motivating towards my recovery to counteract the feelings of isolation.

Mission accomplished.  No longer isolating, but rather enjoying a moment of solitude with the sound of the keys clicking and making a positive step towards my new thought patterns and striving to be thriving.

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