A Beautiful Mess

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And so the world turns…

Not a lot to report on my end of the spectrum.  Been learning to deal with boredom in more healthy ways.  Still feels a little odd sometimes just sitting at home on the weekend doing nothing, but it sure does beat the “excitement” of drugs and alcohol.

Starting dating someone.  We shall see how the tides of time play out.. 

I live in the moment.  And right now, I am sitting here pondering my life and what’s next.  For some, living in the moment would seem insane.  They have five year, ten year, life time plans and me… well I’m finally stepping out of the past and into the moment.  Not even sure that I want to mess with a good thing 😉  Although, I do know that as a responsible adult, I do need to realistically start planning my future.  Having some direction towards something long lasting.  But for now, I will celebrate my ability to leave my past where it belongs… in the past.

I will never forget it.  It’s shaped me into who I have become.

But I won’t continue to relive it over and over again like I did for so long.

Thankful.  Blessed.