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No Counseling for My Counseling

on March 21, 2011

I quit my one on one on Friday.  I have been giving her the benefit of the doubt and on Friday, it was the last straw.  She’s had some personal issues and had to cancel two weeks.  Then two other weeks she was running late.  The last session we had together, she kept her hand covering her nose and mouth the whole while.  She was consistently watching the clock.  I just didn’t feel comfortable about us and what we road we were on.  Bad start.  I did call the director of the program to let her know I’d like to be put back on the waiting list for a new person.  I have found some healthy outlets to let off some steam, namely writing and going to the gym.  I will live.  It’s disappointing, but I would rather wait for someone else where I can really feel like I’m not inconveniencing them.  She seemed rather unorganized.  Both days prior to her being late for our appointments, I had reminded her of our scheduled time.  She wanted me to come in and talk about it with her.  I’m sorry, but I just see getting counseling for my counseling being asinine.  I have enough issues to deal with and discuss.  Then the point that really made it unworkable for me is her lack of accountability about running late for our appointments.  She blatantly lied and said we were scheduled at a different time.  I don’t need anyone else in my life denying me my reality.

I’m hopeful that they will find someone more appropriate for me.

Mother nature is kicking my ass.  All the Midol in the world isn’t helping today 😦   C’est la Vie!


2 responses to “No Counseling for My Counseling

  1. I just see getting counseling for my counseling being asinine – hilarious! sorry it went poorly. i see finding a therapist as an interview process. keep looking to find a good fit and it’s not unprofessional to say it is not when it’s not. bless

  2. Thank you 🙂 I am blessed that less than a week later they have transferred me to my new therapist who is incredibly bubbly, positive and fun. I am excited about advocating for myself and being supported by such an amazing center. They wasted absolutely no time getting me the help I need 🙂

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