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At This Moment…

on December 2, 2010

At this moment, I have so much to be thankful for.  Another person in my shoes may not feel the same, but I am seeing progress.  And in life, I’ll take some progress anyday over standing still or moving backwards.

My heartaches for a young lady right now.  Preteen and a victim of the same perpetrator that is also mine.  He stole my childhood.  He made me deal with adult issues as a child.  He almost ruined my life.  And knowing that he has struck again… and again… and again, sickens me.  I am so proud of her though.  She’s so strong and as a society, we’ve come a long way with coping mechanisms and helping children work through it.  I will pray for her.  I will be there for her anytime she needs me.  I am truly hurt that she had to endure any moment with him.  God bless.

My open group at The Healing Center is doing amazing things for me.  It’s great to be surrounded by a group of women that are working so hard to put these things in their past and move forward.  Such a strong, courageous and determined group of women.  They inspire me.  Therapy does stir the pot.  I don’t always leave feeling better than when I went in, but it’s all part of the healing process.  I want it to be immediate and I want it all solved now, but I know that it’s a process and not just something I do and poof it’s all good.  It’s gonna hurt.  I’m going to cry.  But at least, I have the shoulder’s of these women and this center to lean on.  I am now in two different groups there.  And I’ve been told I will be receiving my one on one counseling in January – woohoo, moved up on the wait list 🙂  An early Christmas present!  Thank you Jesus!

I know that all in due time, I will be where I want to be.  I just have to remember that this is God’s will and God’s plan, so I must not interject with my own demands.  I need to be patient and flex my faith muscle.

More later, all this blogging has my fingers cramping 🙂  LOL.

Humbled and on the road to recovery!


One response to “At This Moment…

  1. you blog name is delightful. your post was so lovely as well. articulate. lyrical almost in word choice and rhythm. not whining but empowered. keep on.

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