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Be Legit :)

I’ve been reading “The Road Less Traveled”, by M. Scott Peck.  It is a wealth of information.  I can understand why there are 5+ million copies in circulation!

On page 56 of his book M. Scott Peck discusses the “cheater’s life”:

“It is therefore right and proper that we should avail ourselves of any legitimate shortcut to personal growth.  The key word, however, is “legitimate.”  Human beings have almost as much of a tendency to ignore legitimate shortcuts as they do to search out illegitimate ones.  It is, for instance, a legitimate shortcut to study a synopsis of a book instead of reading the original book in its entirety in preparation for an examination for a degree.  If the synopsis is a good one, and the material is absorbed, the essential knowledge can be obtained in a manner that saves considerable time and effort.  Cheating, however, is not a legitimate shortcut.  It may save even greater amounts of time and, if successfully executed, may gain the cheater a passing mark on the exam and the coveted degree.  But the essential knowledge has not been obtained.  Therefore the degree is a lie, a misrepresentation.  Insofar as the degree becomes a basis for life, the cheater’s life becomes a lie and misrepresentation and is often devoted to protecting and preserving the lie.”

I want to live my life knowing that I accept change (aka challenges) as an opportunity for personal growth.  I will look to gain an understanding of what it is that I am to learn from that situation and realize that it’s just another brick in the wall.

It’s a lot easier said than done.  It takes work to live legitimate.

Anyone else hear the word’s too legit and think of Hammer pants?  lol 🙂


Rough Day

What kind of friend moves to another town, but doesn’t tell you, yet they say they are a friend.  I had to figure it out.  SMH.  Feeling hurt.

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