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Blah. No Waitressing Job For Me.

on May 4, 2010

All these damn skills and finding a job is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Going to keep plucking away.  I won’t give up.  Priority number one is sobriety and recovery.  I did just realize I had an old Twitter account with some fun people to follow on it, so I’ve been tweeting a bit.  🙂  I hope that others find their way like I have so far.  I’m so blessed to have found a sexual abuse recovery program with a holistic approach.  It’s going to be crazy down there on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) because it’s smack dab in the middle of the Mexican district.  A bit nervous about the crowds, but it’ll be aiiiight 🙂

Had a pretty heated discussion on Facebook with some friends, but it ended on a great note and I think that the different perspectives really helped me get a grip on the picture as a whole a bit better.  I do love intellectualizing with people.  Using my brain makes me feel alive.  I spent so many years just using it to figure out when I was going to get high or drunk again, that I’m amazed that it still works 😉

God is good, God is great… I wish my meetings would come a bit faster though.  I am always chomping at the bit just a day or two after one.  They are so good for me.  I have yet to try the AA and NA thing.  I suppose it would be a great supplement to what I am doing.  I don’t think a sponsor and the 12 steps ever hurt anyone 🙂


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