A Beautiful Mess

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No Dance Recital – Job For Me?

on May 3, 2010

I have quite a few things on the schedule this week.  Especially for me.  Probably my busiest week in a while.  Not sure that I will be going back to my dance class as I’m not too hot about the part of the routine where we rip each others shirts off.  It represents a sense of violence to me and I’m overly sensitive about it, I know, but I just don’t want to do that part of it.  So I do plan on not doing the recital for that reason alone.  Not to mention, the routine was not quite what I was expecting.  It’s a bit more “raunchy” than it is “classy”.  But anyways, a beautiful day here.  I am very much looking forward to my classes on Wednesday and Thursday.  The Wednesday one is regarding assertiveness which is something that I know I will benefit from.  I also find out if I got the job today.  I am not getting my hopes too high as I really don’t have a lot of experience in that field, but there is a glimmer.  I really don’t like the nights, as you have read before and I can’t wait until I don’t fear them.


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