A Beautiful Mess

A Sexual Abuse and Addiction Recovery Blog

Night Terrors Last Night

on May 2, 2010

I’ve never really had dreams that were as symbolic as they were last night.  As I wrote earlier I really struggled with my sobriety last night and when I feel asleep I had dreams of people with Louisville sluggers fighting a war amongst themselves.  They needed to protect everyone from the “midnight train” that was coming in with evil.  I slowly lowered myself out of a window, hanging from a ledge, just knowing that I had to get out of there.  ((although the fall was not that bad))  The rude grocery clerk that used to talk to me all the time yells at me in my dream saying that Satan was inside of me and that is why he didn’t talk to me.  I saw a little girl off in a distance peddling to her hearts content to get as far away from what I was trying to get away from.  It was crazy.  I woke up with my heart beating so fast and anxiety stricken.  I know that God is great and he helped me get through the night.  I also know that the devil is so confused that I didn’t give him the pleasure.  My inner self tried to sabotage my inner self.  But I chose God.  And Satan reared his ugly head inside my dreams as well.  It appears he had a temper tantrum last night too.


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