A Beautiful Mess

A Sexual Abuse and Addiction Recovery Blog

In The Moment Exercise ((Mindfulness))

on May 2, 2010

Right at this moment, I can hear the keys clicking.  I can feel the breeze coming in from the window that is open.  I can feel the slickness of the keys on the keyboard.  I can hear the sounds of traffic outside.  I can actually see the tips of my eyelashes.  I feel the weight of my leg on my other leg, as they are crossed.  I can also hear moments of silence, a slight buzz of silence.  I am slightly chilly.  I see the words appear across my screen.  I hear a truck passing by.  I hear the sounds of cars driving over something metal that must be loose on the street, because I hear the “clang”.  I hear the whistling of an even bigger truck passing.  I hear myself sigh.


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