A Beautiful Mess

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Mind States

on April 30, 2010

There are three primary states of mind:

  • Reasonable Mind
  • Emotion Mind
  • Wise Mind

When using reasonable minds, we are thinking logically and not emotional in our approach to solve our problems.

Example of reasonable mind is calling to order a pizza, getting directions online, following a recipe, asking for more information about a product, etc.

When using our emotional minds, we are thinking and behaving in a way that is somewhat ruled by our emotions more so than anything.

Some examples of using our emotional minds are cuddling with a pet, making love, going on a vacation impulsively (without any planning), fighting with a loved one, etc.

Our wise mind is a combination of the two above, plus add in intuition.  It’s the feeling of knowing what’s right, a felt sense.  We just know the right thing to do at that moment just because we know.  We’ve often heard of woman’s intuition, but it is definitely not reserved just for women.  All humans have this capability.

For me, my wise mind tells me that recovery is exactly what I need right at this moment.  My wise mind tells me that this blog is an important step to my recovery.  My wise mind tells me that through all the pain of the process, there is something so beautiful at the end that it’s all worthwhile.  I don’t need any rhyme or reason behind these things, because I just know.



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